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Cherokee 30 
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Cherokee 30 
Surfrider International 
Cherokee 30 
Surfrider International 
Cherokee 30 
Surfrider International 
Cherokee 30 
Cherokee 30 
Our flagship boat, the CHEROKEE 30 is a truly versatile working boat offering the latest design and technology for off the beach water sports activities. 
The result of 25 years of careful thought, research, testing and design, the CHEROKEE 30's ride quality and handling is second to none in the industry and her sleek lines turn many a head as she cuts through the waves. 
Designed with single or double crew operation in mind, our unique winch control, utilising foot operation by the helmsman, enables steering and parasailing operation all from one position. 
The CHEROKEE 30 gives responsive handling even at low speeds and a level, smooth ride when at full acceleration. The precision balance of the boat allows smooth horizontal lift on to the plane without bow rising and any loss of forward vision, essential when operating in busy waterways. 
Propelled by the reliable YANMAR 370 hp diesel engine and equally heavy duty ZF "V" drive gearbox, this combination gives you the best of both worlds. Direct power take off for the hydraulic winch drive, together with totally reliable shaft propulsion. Our boats are durable and economical, providing a return for the parasail boat operator for many many years. 
The CHEROKEE 30 uses a unique 100mm stainless steel arch with automatic launch facility able to deploy up to 44ft diameter parasails needed to carry three passengers into the air to an impressive 1000 feet. 
The advanced deep V hull (43 degrees moderating to 24 degrees) gives an extremely soft and dry ride. This is combined with flared chines which minimise drag and create high lift areas for easy planing and excellent stability. All this allows the owner to continue operating safely in wind and sea conditions long after other parasail boats have had to cease flights. 
Even when local weather conditions prevent you from parasailing, with a top speed of 35 knots (subject to conditions and loading), the CHEROKEE 30, still allows you an earning capability from your water sports franchise by offer waterskiing, wake boarding, banana trips and exhilarating rides for up to 12 passengers. 
The CHEROKEE 30 design is so good that it has been specifically rated not simply as class C (RCD Certification - European Community) offshore boat, but, also meets the full class B certification capable of crossing open seas. 
Built to Lloyds moulding standards. The deep V hull is constructed with Balsa sandwich heavy duty longitudinal and transverse strengthening beams. 
Combined L and U beam deck bonding creates an immensely strong rubbing strake mounting, accessible and replaceable without intrusion to main hull integrity. 
Engines, winches and heavy duty equipment are bolted to steel mountings encased under fibre glass. 
"Z" Drive option 
Engine and Gearbox 
We fit the fantastic YANMAR 370 hp diesel engine with "V" drive because it meets all four of the key elements demanded by parasail operators: Power, responsiveness, economy and reliability. The drive shaft is made from marine grade stainless steel, with a water lubricated bearing fitted in the stern tube, bronze P bracket and stainless steel rudder assembly. 
We also fit the YANMAR 315 hp diesel engine. This, combined with the "Z" drive configuration, enables the owner to operate with confidence in shallow waters. The engine can be raised and lowered into the water from the helm throttle control. 
Easy access for maintenance 
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Fuel and Oil 
A 450 litre factory pressure tested fuel tank (twice the size of most other parasailing boats) enables the operator to stay out all day long with no need to interrupt flights for refuelling. 
The hydraulic winch oil is held in an 80 litre aluminium tank , water cooled through a temperature regulating Bowman oil cooler. 
Oil cooler 
Winch post 
Winch system 
The winch post, self layering winch, with stainless steel drum and winch head movement, are factory jigged for perfect alignment, giving particularly extra long rope life. 
The self layering stainless steel drum has a capacity of up to 400m (depending upon line diameter). The extremely strong stainless steel winch post has a floating head following the track of the line, enabling operation at 90 degrees to the boat's course. 
Up to 400m line capacity 
Anchor and fore locker 
A clean and tidy boat is a safe and efficient boat. The CHEROKEE 30 boasts no fewer than five storage lockers capable of storing away all your chutes and safety equipment. Under seat storage provides space for your passenger's bags and an ice box enables you to offer cold drinks to your passengers. The huge engine bay gives you 360 degree engine access in the horizontal plane making maintenance a relatively simple. 
Ice box and side locker 
Examples of boat colour, decals and upholstery options 
Style, comfort and fitting 
All White boat livery (Please see optional extras for other colours). 
All White heavy duty marine grade upholstery (Please see optional extras for other colours, trims and piping to match your chosen boat livery). 
High quality stainless steel recessed cleats and fittings. 
Swimming platform with steel swimming ladder. 
Stainless steel parachute launching arch. 
Pyramid pattern non slip decking. 
Teak and lighting options 
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