Apache 27

Superseding the original PARACRAFT 25, the APACHE 27 may be smaller than her bigger sister the CHEROKEE 30, but she packs a lot into just 27 feet. She is able to carry up to 10 passengers and her flight deck is large enough to accommodate 3 person parasail rides. Sporting clean lines with efficient aerodynamic styling, the APACHE 27 retains many of the high quality, purpose built features fitted into our lead boat.


Built to Lloyds moulding standards. The hull is constructed with Balsa sandwich heavy duty longitudinal and transverse strengthening beams. Engines, winches and heavy duty equipment are bolted to steel mountings encased under fibre glass. Lockers and hatches are secured to metal backing plates. Handrails, cleats and deck fittings are in stainless steel. Non slip fibre glass decks are self draining for easy cleaning.

The deep V hull gives a soft, dry and stable ride. Flared chines minimise drag and create high lift areas for easy planing and excellent stability. All this allows the owner to continue operating safely in wind and sea conditions long after other parasail boats have had to cease flights.

Engines, gear box, and drive systems

There are drive shaft or stern drive engine oprtions both of which give power, responsiveness, economy and reliability. The drive shaft is made from marine grade stainless steel, with a water lubricated bearing fitted in the stern tube, bronze P bracket and stainless steel rudder assembly. The engine gives responsive acceleration when operating at lower speeds to compensate against sudden wind drop.


The factory pressure tested fuel tank, is large enough to enable the operator to stay out all day long with no need to interrupt flights for refuelling.

Winch system

Controlled by a hand lever situated next to the helm, the APACHE 27 shares the same robust hydraulic winch system that is fitted to our CHEROKEE 30. The winch post, self layering winch with stainless steel drum and winch head movement, are factory jigged for perfect alignment giving particularly extra long rope life. The self layering stainless steel drum has a capacity of up to 400m of line (depending upon line diameter). The extremely strong stainless steel winch post has a floating head following the track of the line, enabling operation at 90 degrees to the boat’s course.

The APACHE 27 holds a class C offshore boat (RCD Certification – European Community).


SEATING CAPACITY 10 passengers
WIDTH 2.40m
LENGTH 8.00m
WEIGHT 1800kg (Bare boat)